Walk-around camera for wife

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Re: Walk-around camera for wife

Sellwood wrote:

I want to buy my wife a lighter weight camera so she can shoot quality photos and learn about shutter, aperture, raw etc, while still not carrying the weight of even a Rebel. Have my eyes fixed on a Canon G12, what do you think?

I had a similar question a while ago when looking for a camera for my daughter to learn some of the basics.

The problem is that there are always at least three limiting factors: size/weight, sensor size and cost. So even something like the G12 is limited because of the relatively small sensor when it comes to getting a good understanding of controlling depth of field with aperture settings. More expensive and bigger cameras with fast lenses and APS-C size sensors will get you closer to that.

Given that a G12 is limited in that sense as well I actually decided on the SX130. Not as stylish and sturdy, battery life could be better, but surprisingly decent results and good manual controls for that class of camera. Has served our family pretty well so far. Not sure if it does RAW. Probably not, at least not without third party firmware tinkering. But good enough to understand shutter, aperture, ISO.

Another cool little camera is the Samsung NX10 that I had the pleasure to mess around with a few days ago. Should be available at a decent price now that the 20 is out. Add a fast pancake lens to that and it's really great.

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