Canon SX40HS vs Canon 550D - HD video quality

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Re: Canon SX40HS vs Canon 550D - HD video quality

The 550D will require you to spend some time learning how to use it. The SX40 you will immediately go out and shoot video.

The video output will be better from a DSLR like the 550D, but it will require more work. The DSLR will give you the option of blurring the background, which you won't get from the SX40 (you can to a certain extent if you shoot a subject at maximum zoom against a distant background, perhaps give that a try and see if that gives you the effect you want).

You can zoom from wide to very close in with the SX40, which you cannot do with the 550D in one shot (you'd have to change lenses). Also, the focus, as was already mentioned, is not the same, and you should definitely see if that is something you would mind (you'd likely have to do a lot of manual focusing).

The 600D is a bit more expensive, but cheaper than the newest 650D. It has a flip-out screen, which I find very useful when shooting video.

I should mention that the newsest 650D has phase detection focus during video (autofocus), and stereo mic, which are huge pluses for video (I think you can plug in an external stereo mic into 550D and definitely a 600D).

The kit lens (18-55) is a very good lens for its price. If you need more range, you can get the 55-250 IS, which is a very capable lens, and also at the cheaper end of the price spectrum.

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