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Re: Thorsten Overgaard: Discuss.....

if it makes you feel better...i feel the same way about Overgaard as well (the same with Steve Huff...but that's topic for another day)...he takes himself way too seriously when his photos are not that good (some are good, mind you...but most of the time, I'm scratching my head and ask myself "how did this end up in a photo exhibition?")

but, yeah, good for him...I actually envy how Overgaard is able to market himself as such and earn a lot of money (presumably).

..,and I don't think Chris Weeks is takes balls for somebody to point out the shenanigans at the risk of a blowback.

Buchan-Grant wrote:

compared to chris weeks's post, I think I'm actually being pretty even handed here!

I doubt anyone's opinions are going to change about TO as a result of this post, if you liked his work before you will still like his work now. he will continue to make large sums of money at the expense of concentual wealthy Leica users the world over, so don't go all "bleeding hearts" over my little rant here:)

Im doing this because I've thought this for a while and with each new TO newsletter, showing self conducted interviews and exhibitions in Salzburg, my screams of incredulity become louder! so posting this lets me see if it's just me that's going mad or is there anyone else who can see what's going on here. I'm happy to have found that I am not the only one who thinks this:)

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