Mix 'Nikon CLS' with 'Radio Triggers'?

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Price different between Phottix Odin and Pocketwizard min/flex system

The prices are father away than you might think at first glance. That is because to get the functionality of the Odin system with the PW system (with regards to controlling multiple zones of flashes), you must also add the AC3 zone controller to the mix. So that is another $80 in addition to the receiver and transmitter.

I just purchased the Odin system for Nikon with the transmitter and two receivers. Total cost was right at $500. To get that functionality in the PW system, I would have had to purchase a MiniTT1, and FlexTT5, and the AC3 zone controller. Total cost for that in today's Amazon prices is $716. So the PW system is nearly 45% more expensive.

The gap between the Odin system and PW system also gets larger the more receivers you buy since the PW receivers run $74 more than the Odin receivers.

Now obviously there are some features that the PW can do that the Odins cannot - like act as a remote camera trigger. So I am not trying to say that the Odin system is always the best choice. But if you need a TTL (and HHS) wireless flash triggering system, the Odin system can be much cheaper than the Pocket Wizard system.

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