7D or 5Dmkii - same discussion, with a twist

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Re: 7D or 5Dmkii - same discussion, with a twist

unless you are getting paid, I'd stay where you are at

it would be more than the cost of the 5dii. You'd have to spend lots of $ for prime glass to take advantage of FF.

XFitter wrote:

Right now I am shooting with a T2i (550D) and typically 50/1.4. I am a hobbyist, and usually shoot CrossFit which means close up, fast moving athletes, in dark gyms. However, I also use my gear for vacations where I like to go wide with a Sigma 10-20. I know, opposite things. My dilemma really comes with the CrossFit scenario since I realize the 5Dii will win votes for landscapes over the 7D, especially since I like to shoot wide.

So, although the 7D vs. 5Dii topic has been beaten to death, my situation is not the typical wildlife/sports vs. landscape/portrait for the following reasons:

-I don't need 8fps, I anticipate and then take one shot. Very infrequently do I use continuous shooting and when I do, the T2i's 3.4 fps or so is fine

-I don't use outer focus points. I know the AF on the 7D is apparently superior, but I usually use center point.

-I don't need the crop factor for extra reach since I'm in close spaces...my 50mm is actually sometimes TOO long. I had a 28/1.8 but traded for the 50 since I heard so many good things about it

In terms of habits, I usually crop when shooting CrossFit. I like to get a bigger scene and then figure out what is interesting after the fact, whether it's the athlete's face, feet, barbell, etc. Also, since I'm in dark gyms, I am shooting at high ISO...I usually set my aperture to 1.4 or 1.6 and shutter speed at 1/200-1/400 and let camera pick ISO. Usually it's anywhere between 200-6400.

I am leaning towards the 5dii because I heard the IQ is so good and cropping is excellent. I also heard the center point is just fine. So my ultimate questions are:

1. is there any reason to choose the 7D besides lower price (about $1100 for the 7D vs. $1700 for the 5Dii on ebay)
2. Is the 5dii in fact fine with center point focus for fast action?

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