What I Like about the EX2F....

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Re: What I Like about the EX2F....

They do it because of the paranoia Billx08 instills in various forums in the same style.

You should see the people they attack on various forums, accusing them of being me.

Or when they run out of gas, they start the nonsense again that I don't own several Samsungs, I work for Sony, Apple, etc. etc.

They can't even keep their own stories straight, they're so fueled by Bill's paranoia troll.

wictred wrote:

why are you attacking me?

edit: just let me get this straight:

if someone points out the the "intended way of shooting" might not work as expected you call that trolling. you'd rather have the OP buy that camera and in the worst case be unhappy with it instead of allowing others to point out the possible weak points, e.g. based on their experience with the previous model.
wow. you're a nice chap.

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