Maro's Dp2m VS SD1 test

Started Jul 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
MOD rick decker Forum Pro • Posts: 15,104
Re: Maro's Dp2m VS SD1 test - What's that SPP version?

It seems odd that there would be that much noise with NR off in SPP. The image with NR on looks cleaner and better.

Another difference between the SD1 and DP2M images is the rendition of shadows. The DP2M (for my taste) has the shadow areas uplifted too much. The SD1 looks more natural. The 2M almost looks like an HDR shot. This is (most likely), a processing choice by the photographer. Given the SD1 produces (IMHO) too deep shadows OOC, it is possible this was taken into account with the 2M.

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