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DXO test

If you spend some time to read, analyze and understand DXO tests, you will find they did a fantastic job and are very scientific.

You need to read entire DXO test as a whole to get a complete picture. For example an interesting topic between Canon 5D2 and Nikon D7000.

http://www.dxomark.com/index.php/Cameras/Compare-Camera-Sensors/Compare-cameras-side-by-side/%28appareil1%29/680 |0/%28brand%29/Nikon/%28appareil2%29/483|0/%28brand2%29/Canon

The first glimpse seems a surprise that 5D2 sensor scored at 79 vs D7000 sensor scored at 80. Does that mean D7000 taking better photos? Not really, why?

Now if you read details of DXO tests, you found the story is more complicated than total score (which basically means D7000 sensor has better design, more efficient, or someone call it quantum efficiency - QE).

5D2 still leads noticeable better SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) cross entire ISO range that is a key factor which means 5D2 resolves more fine details than D7000 thanks to its much bigger sensor size (twice as big) that effectively overcome its lower QE.

D7000 has better DR from ISO 100-400 but then 5D2 is better beyond in high ISO. Further study (from DPR lab tests), D7000 better DR in low ISOs largely falls in less noise in shadow areas if you pull, and you mainly only benefit if you pull heavily 3-5 stops). However if you expose correctly, you don't really need to pull in extreme and usually extreme pulling generates surreal look. So extra 2-stop DR in low ISO sounds good and you can recover under-exposed photos much better, but in reality it doesn't jump out by itself and you only can leverage it by extreme pulling therefore I don't think it's a such big deal.


Now you find 5D2 is noticeably better in Tonal range and Color Sensitivity cross entire ISO range which explains 5D2 is still better in color rendition and still generates more pleasing photos - more popup in general.

That also reflected in DXO gear resolution test (together with lens).

You see even old 12.8mp 5D actually resolves more fine details than 16mp D7000/D5100 with comparable lenses, no mention 21mp 5D2. Don't confuse pure MP with fine details. 18mp/16mp APS-C is not the same as 18mp/16mp in FF, not even really resolve more fine details (details after subtracting noises) than 12.8mp 5D1 for example.

So if you look DXO lab tests as a whole, you will find its tests are very accurate and very meaningful, that's why DXO tests widely respected by professionals and photography world.

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