New D800 - Has Left AF Problem

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Re: New D800 - Has Left AF Problem

manni wrote:

It seems that way - I saved a few links online and they're all from Germany and Holland and it seems every camera is getting fixed perfectly. I believe there is some kind of individual AF point calibration that Nikon can perform even if Nikon UK aren't performing it.

I had a d700 for over 2 years and must have been lucky as it never had any issues so I have no experience with this type of thing. Is there any way we could find out if/when Nikon UK get the tools/software to fix the problem? I don't feel like sending it back in if they're not going to do anything differently...

Your best bet is probably to keep an eye on the posts in this forum.

I can add to your list of confirmed locations that can fix the D800 back focus issue:

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