Nikon D800 vs D700 for amateur wildlife photo

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Re: Nikon D800 vs D700 for amateur wildlife photo

You've gotten some really good points raised to your attention already by the earlier replies.

I just wanted to point out and emphasize a few things:

  • My checking shows an $800 difference between new D700 and D800 (ymmv): sounds like you keep your bodies 3-4 years before upgrading, like me. So that is really only costing you best case only $200 a year more for the D800 over its life span.

  • Yes, it is true unlike the D700, the D800 will require you get a new grip, if you want that, and a new battery if you get the grip, and even a new tripod head bracket if you use those custom fit ones like RRS makes...that is the one big advantage of the D700 where it WILL save you some money IF you use a grip etc...

  • BUT don't forget that DX crop with a D700 is not really very practical as already noted due to the low resolution, but VERY practical with the D800. In fact, as a nature shooter I think the D800 would be cheaper because reach is usually everything (at least for example if you do birding etc), and so if you get a D800 you could sell the D300, but with a D700 you either keep the D300 for long shooting OR buy additional long glass to compensate!

  • The D700 is 4 year old technology compared to the brand new apaflo has pointed out there are many nice tweaks you will get from the D800 compared to D700

  • Yes, frame rate is an issue...but in nature shooting where you are going for reach, you would want DX mode - do that with the grip and 6FPS is very decent (8FPS may be more ciritcal/advantageous for sports, but I think a bit less critical for nature). How often is a jump from 6 to 8 FPS going to make a big difference for amatuers? I think we can live very well with 6.

Of course keep in mind, like FtoDin5min, I've fell in love with the D800 too and have decided to get one soon to supplement or replace my the above arguments are biased in favor of the D800 If you are not in a rush, you could wait for any September announcement on a D400.

(Although note I will hold on to my D300s initially since I am not sure how big an issue the frame rate is going to be, and also shooting in DX mode is apparently not that fun due to the small viewing area in the veiwfinder.)

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