T80 and lens problems

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Re: T80 and lens problems

So in other words if I am wanting an fully automatic camera that gives me clear shots you are advising me not to buy this camera?


dherzstein wrote:

Maria Devery wrote:

I have been offered a T80 really cheaply but the problem is that it
does not have any lens to go with it. I understand in this model
the auto focus is in the lens and no other lens other than the
Canon T80 lens will allow the camera to focus automatically. I
already have a T90 but want the automatic focus features of the
T80. Is there any solution to this other than finding a T80 lens
which seems to be impossible?

Its my understanding that the T80 can use any "FD" lens (same as
your T90). It will display an "in focus" indicator with any FD
lens, however it will AF only with the 2 FD lenses specifically
designed for the T80. The AF on the T80 was notoriously poor - it
was a resounding failure.

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