Is OM-d autofocus accurate?

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Re: Is OM-d autofocus accurate?


You are probably right that my kit was probably an anomaly, and that the problem is not normally an issue on the OM-d. Still it would be nice to see users post pictures taken of objects about 20 feet away using autofocus, and see how sharp the pictures are.

Lots of OM-d enthusiasts here. If 4 or 5 could post their pictures using the 12-50mm lens, it would be good to compare the AF accuracy.

sean000 wrote:

There was definitely something defective about your kit. I have been testing my new E-M5 with various lenses against my GF1 and it focuses accurately at all distances. The size of the focus box can be made smaller, but that shouldn't really be an issue anyway when shooting the 12-50, because the depth of field with this lens will almost always be more than enough to compensate for focusing on the wrong thing at distances of 30 feet or more.

My 12-50mm isn't nearly as sharp as my old Panasonic 14-45mm zoom, but it's not bad at all for general photography. I'd probably use the 14-45 for anything I would plan on printing at 13x19. Although I do find that the 12-50mm macro shots look excellent.


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