Sony/Minolta colors better than Canon

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Re: Sony/Minolta colors better than Canon

EvilOne wrote:

Warm Minolta colors have been the envy of other camera manufacturers for years.. One of the things that kept Minolta shooters loyal was the colors their cameras and lenses were able to produce... Warm Minolta colors are a real thing... Sony has also been able to do what no other manufacturer has been able to do...get very close to these colors. There is just something special about these colors.
Bill aka EO

I switched to Sony last November after 7+ years with Canon (40D, 5D, 5D2, 60D), purely for the video implementation. The two most pleasant surprises have been the Sony colour esp with the Minolta lenses (I now have 10 Minolta lenses). The other surprise is how much I prefer the EVF over the OVF (I'd say 80% of the time I use the EVF. I still miss the Canon for shooting weddings (mainly due to flash issues) but for everything else, the Sony is a lot more fun!

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