Alternative to Nikon MB-d12 - Got One!

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Re: Alternative to Nikon MB-d12 - Got One!

I'll add that the less expensive grips have a lot of "plastic." So what you say? Well, things strip and happen like this guy who caught his when it broke:

Then you have ones on Canons where the plastic internal tightening gears strip out and they have to dismantle the grip to get it off the camera.

Hanging a heavy body and a heavy off-centered lens on a thin plastic (and probably a cheaper grade of plastic too) grip case with a metal tripod nut at the bottom is a good way for you to help make a payment for your camera repairman's yacht. Get a hairline crack in the grip base from over-tightening onto a tripod with a rubber pad or lip around the edge and you are on your way.

The magnesium case of the Nikon grip is far better and more resistant to cracking and stripping issues, but you pay for it too.

However, if you are a person who is prone to dropping things, the cheap plastic grip may cushion the blow from dropping your gear...maybe. At least the plastic grip is disposable. Nikon may prefer you buy another body to help their bottom line too.


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