Alternative to Nikon MB-d12 - Got One!

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Re: Alternative to Nikon MB-d12 - Got One!

Many of them are the same item, just different labels.

I'm just making people aware of some of the concerns that have arisen in these. They aren't made to professional specs, like the OEMs, and they certainly have no concern of your camera's warranty. Nor does Nikon when you use these grips.

If the dials spin the correct way, if they don't lag the shutter after a while, and they don't short out your $3,000 camera.... then by all means... use the $49 grip.

You might be right, but even if problems developed over time, I could replace the ebay grip 6 times before it became price inefficient. In the UK, the d800 grip is £380, and the ebay grip cost my £65. In all liklihood there will be no problems at all, but even if anything did happen "over time", it's still a more economical decision.

Also, the Pixel grip claims to be made of magnesium alloy AND have weather sealing. I will test it out when I get it as best I can and report back here.

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