Should I buy Canon 28mm f1.8?

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Re: Should I buy Canon 28mm f1.8?

I totally agree with this assessment. I use my 28 f/1.8 for the same purposes, and it works 99% of the time. The build quality is great, the AF speed is remarkably fast, and the lens itself if small and light. I use it on a full-frame, so it gets me a pretty wide angle, but it works just as well on a crop sensor.

Kreitmann wrote:

I like the EF 28mm a lot. It is not perfect, but overall, it is fine lens. Small, light, solid, ring USM. At f/1.8 it is kind of soft, but that is not very important. If the choice is between a (slightly) soft image, and no image at all (to little light), I take the soft image all the time.

Your cameras have huge resolution, the will reveal a lot of optical flaws, even in expensive lenses. On the other hand, if I use fast primes in low light, I do so for "social" photography, snaps of friends and family, to share via email, maybe a small print (6x4') sometimes. Nobody will notice the "soft" lens, all will admire that you captured the mood of the natural light, while everybody else had to use a flash. So, IMHO all f/1.8 primes (28, 50, 85mm) all great lenses. It all comes down to which FL works best.

Ah, if you use it stopped down to f/4 - f/8 it is better than many zooms at the same aperture.

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