OMD 5 and G3 comparison

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Re: OMD 5 and G3 comparison

My neighbor has the G3. Its a decent camera, but the tiny bit I have handled his and looking at online review (for what they are worth), the OM-D E-M5 has slightly better dynamic range, slightly cleaner shadows, slightly cleaner high ISO noise, a better EVF (by a fair amount), a control interface I like better, better burst speed (not that I use that often), IBIS and weather sealing. At least those are the high points I can think of.

IMHO, its worth the premium, but that is for me.

The way I look at it, I have about $1,000 worth of lenses...with more to add to that at some point. I was starting from scratch going to digital and m4/3. The price premium to gain the equivelent of several stops of handholding (especially since I shot primes 90% of the time and there are no OIS primes right now) and all the other perks is well worth $500.

Oh if I had had a G3, I probably wouldn't spend the money to "move up" and an E-M5...but from scratch, yeah totally worth it to me.

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