Alternative to Nikon MB-d12 - Got One!

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Re: Alternative to Nikon MB-d12 - Got One!

cosmicnode wrote:

TFergus wrote:

Asoshkin wrote:

I received the meike grip in 5 days. Everything works like it should with no shutter lag and the auto focus on the grip works great too. No issues what's so ever.

I just read this morning some guy from some photo blog saying his Meike worked fine on his D7000. He bought a Nikon grip that turned out to be a complete fake.... labelled Nikon on the grip and box, serial number, warranty card and all.
Do the dial adjustments turn the same way as on the camera? or reversed?
Apparently some of these grips on ebay have it backwards.
And shutter lag is something that may occur later. If at all.
They aren't built with durability in mind... but if they work, they work.
Can't beat the price.

The buttons on the grip work the same way as the body if you change the direction of the buttons in the menu they change in the body and grip together. the shutter button is simply a make or break switch, it only makes a circuit it cant slow down the electricity.

It's not the button.... it's the electronics.

The resistors and other various electronics can, and certainly have, if you search the "eBay" grips on DPR and other forums. I have read good things and bad things about these.

There are a couple manufacturers, but many names on the grips.

Many of them are the same item, just different labels.

I'm just making people aware of some of the concerns that have arisen in these. They aren't made to professional specs, like the OEMs, and they certainly have no concern of your camera's warranty. Nor does Nikon when you use these grips.

If the dials spin the correct way, if they don't lag the shutter after a while, and they don't short out your $3,000 camera.... then by all means... use the $49 grip.

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