"Manual" flash (noob question)

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Second try

Typing seems to work now.
Let's say you buy very basic flash guns.

Vivitar 283 and 285 are one step up from fully manual, but can be fully manual.

Pick and ISO and set it oncamera and flash guns.

Point flash guns where you want them pointed.

Look at distance from flash to subject, then look at scale on back of flash, and set on your camera the indicated f stop.

This will put you in the ball park.

Now, look at the back of your camera, and start maing adjustments.

Most manual flash guns have power levels.

Remember that if flash from two units overlaps, subject will be brighter.

You can dim an area by turning down flash power or moving the flash back.


Hard...-light bounces, there's the inverse square law, flash guns have power levels, there's falloff related to the inverse square law, there's color balancing flash to ambiant light, and more

Easy .. same criteria ashard paragraph above, allowing you great control.


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