Mark III, Mark IV, or 5D (wedding)

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Re: Mark III, Mark IV, or 5D (wedding)

atamola wrote:

To be honest, it never really crossed my mind using using medium format but it's a good idea I think. The two guys I'm now considering have moved completely to digital but have no problem to unpack their EOS 3 and F5 for this. It never really came up, but my guess is that they don't have enough in their bags to shoot the wedding in medium format (that's just a guess, I would have to ask them).

Thanks for pointing this out.

Not so much what they have in their bag, but what they're used to using. Medium format is a whole different discipline from 35mm film. It's a good suggestion to seek out someone who still can shoot MF, like he said, 35mm, especially color, wasn't anything special compared to digital, unless you bring in the extremely low ISO films like Kodachrome and Ektar 25, neither of which are around anymore. Black and white and color IR film is a different discussion. Medium format has a distinct look in film that's lacking in digital, even MF digital, in my opinion.

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