Not many Sonys why ?

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Re: Who the heck cares why????

I'd just like to be able to go into a store and see a Sony camera before I buy it.

Admittedly, I bought my A77 when they were in short supply almost everywhere, but no one local had one. And by local, I'm talking about the entire state of Washington. I went to numerous stores in Seattle, searched online for in store inventory at Best Buy and stopped by and asked at the Sony store several times. I think the Sony store finally got an A77 in stock in May, maybe June. Doesn't have, and probably never will have the portrait grip.

I was able to find an A65 at the time, and decided the OLED in that was good enough (my main hesitation at the time).

But buying a new camera via mail, never seeing it before, kinda had me a bit worried. It's one thing on an object that is pretty totally based on spec's, but there's a certain bit of ergonomics involved in a camera. And to decide if I want the portrait grip, I have to buy it and return it if I don't like it. I hate doing that, I'm sure retailers lose money on it, or are forces to sell something I opened to someone else claiming it's new, when many people feel otherwise about the issue. But there's just no possibility to try it out first, and I don't exactly live in the middle of nowhere (OK, maybe I do, but I'm perfectly willing to go to the nearest local city without complaints).

While on vacation in April, I did see them on display, in stock at a duty free store in the Tokyo Narita airport and several electronic stores in Bangkok.... (and I remember seeing NEX ads all over Bangkok when I was there in 2010, that was the first time I had even heard about the NEX cameras).

But I'd also mention that all the older point and shoots, the cybershots, that I saw were crap. They might have had decent features, etc, but every time someone shared a photo from one of them it was horrible (last time I remember was in 2006, and the camera could have been several years old). I had been thinking about getting a DSLR for a couple years, but not sure if I really wanted to spend $1000 when I was a Sony A300 kit at Costco for about $500 (with 55-200mm). And I was reluctant to buy it based on all the crap photos I had seen from older cybershots, but decided I'd try it anyways.... (ya, I liked it). The one thing that pushed me to try it was remembering that I had read somewhere about Minolta lenses fitting the Sony DSLRs, and knowing that Minolta was well knows for producing some very high quality glass back in the day.

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