Atlanta Midtown OM-D

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Re: Atlanta Midtown OM-D

markymark101 wrote:

Atlasman wrote:

I have a question on why you chose f8 and not the sweet spot of 5.6? (12mm f2)

I'm still accoustomed to APS-C mentality where F8 is the typical sweet spot. However, from the reviews I've read on these lenses, diffraction doesn't really come into noticable play until F11 so I'm not sure that 5.6 would have offered a noticable difference, but you are probably right that 5.6 would have worked fine, if not better on m43. Thanks for the recommendation.

Play around down to f4 also. No detailed analysis, but it seems like f4 is best on my E-M5, where I normally ran at f5.6 for landscapes on my E-P3. The lensrental imatest on the m4/3 lenses also seemed to indicate that f4 was best on the OM-D. The good news is that with 12mm and the crop sensor, you have all sorts of DoF, even at f4.

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