How to get that Film Like apperance we all like...

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Re: How to get that Film Like apperance we all like...

I still shoot film and this is what I have to say....

Its time consuming but rewarding.

Scanner - You need a good one unless you are going to wet print.

The best 35mm scanner IMO is a Minolta 5400II or the latest Nikon. The Minolta has 5400 dpi and will resolve a 1 pixel detail with microfilm. Film holders are not that great so the film has to be ultra flat.
The 5400 is the same quality but slower.

Latest Nikon 4000 dpi scanners are good.

The better all around cheaper 35mm scanner is a Minolta scan dual IV. 3200 dpi.
That said I still have a drum scanner but its a PIA.

Medium format scanners, bend over.
The V750 is just okay but better than nothing. Expensive.

IMO - Color film is largely a waste of time and $. I much prefer digital for color as long as it has color that I like, IE SD9, Fuji S2 etc. I hate canon and Nikon color but thats just me. Sony seems pretty decent. Hated the SD14 color.

Of all the color films I have used, I thought E100G was the best. The most accurate color of any film I have used. I actually still used it up until late in place of digital to photograph artwork, because the color was 99% correct.

These days as far as film, I only shoot B+W film.

You can get stunning detail, like 1-2 pixel detail with a 5400 dpi scan with microfilm like bluefire film, but development can be flakey with that film and its very high contrast. That works out to about 40MP and its a real 40mp.

Lately I have been trying out Rollei Retro 80s film. Its cheap at $5 a roll and I develop it in caffenol and most others, with good results. Its an ISO 80 film that also has extended IR into the 760nm or so range. With a R72 filter it rates at ISO3 for infrared photography. So far so good, but I have not done any serious shooting with it yet. It has a fine nice grain and captures a lot of detail as long as you have a good lens. It probably tops out at a 4000 dpi scan.

My favorite all around 400 film that you can push or pull or whatever is TRI-X 400.
At 1600 and 3200 it has a nice even grainy appearance.

If I am after golf ball size grain I like Delta 3200. Never have tried to push it to 6400, but might try it soon.

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