Burst Bubble.... Iimagination in Imagery

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Burst Bubble.... Iimagination in Imagery

Well I have finally discovered that a particular image by a MN Photographer with global recognition is far from what the 'scene' is in 'real life'

The image is truly amazing and indeed very marketable... and is hanging proudly on many a gallery wall...

I have actually visited the very area - found the very tree featured in this image - and was perplexed, left wondering - is this the 'spot'???

Well yesterday I found a fellow lensman had the exact same questions as I, and went to same place as I... He did a forensic photographic examination of this 'image' to find that it was infact imaginative imagery and not a 'photograph' (my words)

needless to say my bubble burst....

here are some photos of the crow hassan park reserve i took...

here is the link to this analysis...


what is the general consensus on 'making up images' to make them marketable or simply more presentable?

where does the line blur or cross?

lastly, i have very basic post processing skills - never really felt a need to develope them - this 'image' clearly shows there is a time and place to use finely honed post processing skills

many thanks

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