GX1 Gold Box Deal of the Day

Started Jul 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
sigala1 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,818
Really great deal!

This is a really great deal. If I didn't already have an E-M5, I'd probably buy this.

As far as people wondering how or why Panasonic is selling the camera for so little money, maybe they should ask why it was originally so expensive? This camera has no EVF, no tilting LCD, no in-body IS, it's no doubt just as inexpensive to manufacture as an E-PM1.

I think the pricing just reflects that the camera is no longer the latest technology, and it no longer has the best sensor available in m43 cameras, and Panasonioc may be aware that Olympus is going to be improving the sensors in its lower-end cameras really soon (I mean if the rumors website guy knows about it, I'm sure that Panasonic executives know about it also).

But I do think it's a little odd that the GX-1 is less expensive than the GF5.

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