What I Like about the EX2F....

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Re: What I Like about the EX2F....

Then how do you know how it behaves? For the record, on the EX1, one can set it correspondingly to f2.4 at wide, but it still varies slightly going through the zoom range and doesn't always return back to the original aperture that was set.

Not to mention, I think this is a fairly contrived advantage your putting out there. Setting it at 2.7 for wide? then you lose your f1.4 advantage, if there is one. What's the big issue with keeping it as large as possible, then letting it maintain the largest possible f-value at any zoom range?

Not to mention, look at the XZ1. You can do the exact same thing with that, too.

Look at the X10. Same thing.

Very, very contrived praise here.

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