Fuji W3........impressions after 6 months use

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Kenneth Margulies Senior Member • Posts: 1,467
Re: The successor to the Fuji W3

Actually, quite a few Sony cameras have the3D sweep panorama setting. My A65 has it, as do a lot of their point and shoots.

As for the lens separation, I do not take many pictures where people are closer than 5 feet, so it is fine. For 3D to be effective, the lenses must give different perspectives. Too close together and they do not see the object as rounded as the sides of the subject are simply not viewed. It strikes me as an artificial 3D effect when the lenses perspectives are too close. I achieved wonderful 3D shots with the Kodak Realist, which had 'decent' lens separation. Glad you like your Pany, but to me, it is just for close-ups.

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