A57 vs Nex 5n Pro/con

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Re: A57 vs Nex 5n Pro/con

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Hi Sony SLR gang, Current P&S shooter looking to upgrade IQ and expand camera features and functions. Shoot mostly people, family and friends at various places like home or places of interest. Also do landscape shooting and looking to do Macro shots when I get a cam that can handle vs current P&S. Currently looking at A57 or Nex 5n. I have not ventured to far past auto or P mode and want to learn and use the next cam in the A, S and M modes. Really will be studying on how to utilize the A, S & M modes better. Please advise why I should buy the 5n vs the A57. I appreciate all of you and DPreview for this forum and the wealth of information you all provide. It's a tremendous assistance to new posters like me.

if i were u i would get neither ..this is not the best time to get new cams...sony usually releases new cams through the summer and after photokina at sep/oct ish ...thats the best time for getting a new cam...the reason is dual fold.
1.new models..with probable better qualities.
2.new models means usually older ones get discounted for a time ...

either way if u can hold till ur Xmas season that would be the best time or near it.

if i were forced to choose for u than i guess the A57 would be the one for u.

the nex5N does have a better jpeg quality but quickness and feature size the A57 just offers a more overall package.

Although this statement has been true since the dawn of digital, I'm not sure if it holds up as much as it used to. Case in point is that recently I (momentarily) considered trading my A57 for an A580. By no means do I want to argue the merits of either, but the fact that a two year old camera of the same A5x class can still hold its own to a brand new camera is enough to tell me that, while the pace of innovation marches on, upgrades to image quality as a result of that innovation has slowed considerably. The only cameras lurking around the corner this year are slightly repackaged bodies with upgraded processors, with the one exception being the FF SLT which I doubt is even on the radar of the OP.

I say the time to buy a camera is the moment you want it. Whichever one you buy is going to become used the moment you take your first shot with it so you might as well take it today rather than tomorrow.

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