Not many Sonys why ?

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How many times have you seen Ashton Kutcher?

I'd say I see him on TV here in the states 3-5 times a week, hawking various Nikon models, from DSLRs to 1 series to P&S. I see ads in every photographic or nature magazine for years now showing me "wildlife as Canon sees it". I've even seen TV ads for Olympus with some girl walking around with a Pen and Kevin Spacey being sarcastic with one.

Over the 5+ year period I've shot with Sony DSLRs & NEX cameras, I've seen a single print ad with a very generic looking shot of lenses and bodies and no specific touting of features or images for Sony DSLRs. And that's it. No TV ads in the states. No print ads telling the world how astoundingly better their live view is. Nothing about the amazingly small NEX series with APS-C sensor. Nothing about in-body stabilization, or in-camera features like multistack, HDR, etc. Just nothing PERIOD.

Other than some generic banner ads on websites like this, Sony has had no advertising or marketing presence in the US for the better part of 5 years regarding their camera divisions...and what feeble attempts they did have made no mention of what make their cameras unique, better, or worth a look.

I must say I was actually knocked back - almost did a spit-take - a few days ago when I saw my first...the VERY first ever...television commercial for the NEX camera. It even mentioned having a large sensor, showed the tilting screen, talked about DSLR quality in a small package. The NEX has been out for years and is approaching Gen 3, and that was the first time I've ever seen a TV ad for it in my life. Admittedly, it was only once - I don't know if it will be put in heavy rotation...but it was shocking enough just to actually see MARKETING!

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