E-M5 firmware bugs, report them here

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July 12 - shame, shame, shame on you Olympus

No complete update list here:

I have reported most of the problems reported since the first update back in April. Olympus Sweden doesn't give any feedback on bug reports. That's not exactly great but also not expected.

Now Olympus Japan has released a FW update and taking that as a sort of feedback leaves me with a bad taste. Olympus hasn't addressed any of the major (in my opinion that is) flaws. In some cases the flaws are very apparent while some of them affect a minority of us users.

Shame on you Olympus. I don't care about any possible Japanese etiquette in this case. What I know is that I have given you the money you asked for a product, it doesn't work the way I expected after having read the description and the manual, and you haven't cared to fix the problems (except, but partly only, the lock-up problem and some under water condition settings). Shame, shame and shame.

Olympus, you can't expect people to be loyal customers of helpful behaving this way. If any Olympus rep has any comments on all this please feel free to reply here. I'm not holding my breath but you have an opportunity to surprise me in a good way.

For obvious reasons I don't care about this any more. I'll continue to use the camera, with all the stupid workarounds needed, but I'll certainly think very hard before buying anything else from Olympus.

OK, that's my rant. Now back to images... this is a gear and photo forum and perhaps more images should be posted?



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