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Thank you!

No, not a pro, I have a full time job, I do some local work mostly because I just enjoy it. I make a dollar or two here or there but it's not really the money, it's the excitement.

Have a good one,



ralphcramdon wrote:

dw1 wrote:

RBFresno wrote:

I like your photography but I'm really surprised you of all people would respond this way. You've got some nice shots, and Lord knows you do love to show them off when you can, but the point was this is not a bad lens for the money.

Here's some sports examples with more expensive glass for your review, some with reduced quality. You're welcome to review the rest of my site as well.

As I said, in good light the lens will hold up.

Again, really disappointed with you post.

My gallery here:


Sorry Don,

I meant no offense. But I didn't want you (or others) to be disappointed in the 18-300VR for soccer.

I looked at your website, and you have some wonderful sport shots...I particularly like some of the football shots. And you have some terrific soccer shots. But my favorite shots that you took were shot at f/2.8. I'm just not sure that the 18-300VR will be capable of meeting your standards, but I hope it does!

The 18-300VR does seem like not a bad lens for the money (I occasionally use my wife's 18-200VR), but I'll be surprised if you end up using it as your primary sports lens.

Best Regards and keep up the great work!



Come on RB, I'd never use this as my primary lens for sports and you know that. I mean do you think I'm going out on a Friday night with this lens?

What I do believe is that you can do a whole lot with just about anything if you practice. I started shooting soccer with a coolpix 995 and at the end of the year presented all the parents an 8x10 close up of their child. I wish I had the shots but lost them all on a hard drive crash.

Practice makes perfect and I will shoot a soccer game for you and Jackie Gleason's buddy. No, they won't have the isolation you like but I think you will be pleased.


3rd and 5th pictures are Marcus Lattimore

wow those are great, you must be a professional sports shooter
sure glad i didn't take that bet on soccer
have a nice day and good shooting to you

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