5 years and 30 cameras later, 80,000 pictures and the Sony RX100

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Re: 5 years and 30 cameras later, 80,000 pictures and the Sony RX100

The XZ-1 if Oly would have given it noise control it would have ruled over the Canon S100 and Pana LX5 100%

We are also due for the XZ-2

I got better results sans flash with the Fuji X10, also a delight to operate. But the Fuji is larger, heavier, and results with its flash were wanting.

Focus is better with the XZ-1 than with the X10, but the X10 had a larger sensor

And both were over 10 ounces

Whereas the RX100 is 7.5 ounces

jon404 wrote:

An interesting journey!

Please get back with an update after you get the new Sony and use it for a month or so.

I have an XZ-1, which also meets the shirt-pocket form factor test. Takes great low-light pictures; am curious whether the Sony's larger sensor will deliver significantly better results. Over ISO 800, my XZ-1 images aren't much good -- the Sony should be better, shouldn't it?

On the other hand, the XZ-1 is bright at f/2.5 at full tele, which is wonderful in the dark.

Keep us posted!
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