Lightweight and compact tripod for travel and hiking?

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Re: Lightweight and compact tripod for travel and hiking?


Thank you so much for the information on this subject, this was more exhaustive than I had hoped for!

I guess I should refraze my previously stated "requirements" to "ideal features".

I see the point with getting a tripod that can support more than the camera weight. However in the past I have actually used a tight rope attached to my my backpack (or a rock) and the tripod hook, to prevent the tripod from falling over. A bit of a clunky solution, but it removes the extra weight compared to just hanging the pack directly on the tripod. As for the heavier tele lenses, I don't really take my hand off the camera when using these, even with a tripod. I only use timer/remote shooting with wider and lighter lenses really, and this probably accounts for 95% of the tripod use. I think I could live with a tripod supporting close to my minimum weight requirements, like the smallest gitzo, but of course the more capasity the better.

Both the smaller Gitzo, Feisol and Sirui alternatives seem nice. On paper it seems like Sirui have the edge with it's higher capacity and from what I understand one leg can be detached and double as a monopod (?), neat! Never heard of this brand before though, I see it is generally getting good reviews allthough a few complain about the build quality of it. But then again you can find bad reviews on any product if thats what you're looking for.

I'll have these three in mind and buy the one I get the best deal on after some ebay and online store price hunting. So far the smaller Sirui seems like the most 'bang for the buck' - I might end up with this.

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