From G2 to G3, do you miss buttons ????

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Re: From G2 to G3, do you miss buttons ????

Like you, I was never really very happy with the G2. It was sluggish and sometimes tricky to focus on close-up subjects. I was not happy with using anything above Iso 800 and even that level was not great. I only shoot raw too. Also EVF only.

The switch to the G3 was a joy. It is much more responsive (with the exception of writing to the card after a burst which seems to be slower) and auto focus is much faster.

I particularly like the Pinpoint focus mode which allows you to pick a tiny spot to focus on. I use it to focus on a butterfly's eye. The only downside is that Pinpoint insists on showing you an enlarged view of the image prior to taking the shot which is both pointless (mostly) and causes a delay of about one second. Static subjects only! Overall though, Pinpoint focus lets you get focus just right.

The dynamic range and general image quality is much better than the G2 at higher Iso and I will use up to Iso 3200 with the G3. I use Neatimage for noise removal in PS and it seems to work well with the G3.

The smaller number of buttons took a bit of getting used to but is fine. I also find that I am less likely to press a button accidentally with the G3 than with the G2 despite its smaller size. I was forever accidentally changing the white balance on the G2.

I never ever use the touchscreen so all my settings are via the buttons and through the viewfinder. You can get to white balance, Iso, focus mode/position/box size with the cursor buttons without taking your eye from the viewfinder which are the ones I use most when taking a shot.

Oh and I don't miss the eye sensor either. I view images through the viewfinder and if I want to show someone else, I flip out the LCD which can be set to automatically switch from viewfinder in the menu.

The G3 is a fine camera that is close to the GH2 for stills although somewhat behind it for video. At current prices, it's a steal. Having said that, if I were you, I would wait to see if the G5 adds any must-have features before buying.

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