HX9v Indian Ocean Coastline and surfing (6pics).

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Stephen McDonald
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Re: Doesn't Look Like Winter

Benoz wrote:

Hi Steve,

I love your "jungle/backyard"! I actually purchased a bush block (couple of hundred acres) just to get away from suburbia whenever possible. I like the position of my house though as I don't have any neighbor across the road instead I look at some centennial eucalyptus.

Ben, make sure you wear your high-topped snake boots when you're out in the bush. I hear stories about all the poisonous ones you have there. That's one big advantage that New Zealand has. You'll have to take some shots of your property the next time you're out there and post them here.

The expensive property development you described reminds me of how a ritzy housing area was put right where my favorite hiking place used to be in the hills. They were selling the lots for $150,000., until the housing market crash. Only about 25% of them have had houses built on them, so they're now giving them away for only $60,000. I'm not shedding any tears about that.

Generally, here, all suburbs are very clean, there is I think $400.00 fines for any kind of littering, even throwing a cigaret butt. The little litter we have it's along highways where people are not seen.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of litter, especially cigarette butts. Those penalties are one type I would approve, for around here.

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