Canon 60D or Wait?!

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Re: Canon 60D or Wait?!

It seems pretty certain that the 60D will be replaced in time for Photokina:

So if you can wait, might as well. That being said, the 650D is also a solid camera with the latest tech, and would serve your needs well for a first time user. However the cost is roughly the same as the 60D...while the 70D will likely move up in price point/feature set, my guess around $1200.

Dexter64 wrote:

Hey I have decided the right camera for me is the 60D. I was planning on perchasing this camera now so I can get the head start on learning it as this is my first SLR as the main reason I wanna get into a SLR is travelling. I am planning a trip for fall to later this year and am wondering should I wait for a possible new model? I saw the 50D was annouced the same day in Aug 2008 as the 60D was in 2010 so whats the chances the same will go this year... Will the upgraded model you think be worth waiting for??? I dunno what to do!?

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