Choice of 85mm lenses?

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Re: Choice of 85mm lenses?

chazphoto wrote:

PS: putting money towards the 24mm f1.4G is funny. I've been thinking seriously about the 28mm f1.8 because I would probably use the wide less often than the 85mm, so the sensible choice out wide justifies my more expensive portrait lens!

Smart thinking I say.

It it is fun to optimise the kit. I have just finished selling off a lot of gear that was surplus or did not make the cut on the D800E, and I simply got rid of my 70-200 VR1 to fund the upgrade to my 85 1.4G, as I would use the zoom twice a year and an 85 1.4D all the time.

It makes sense to put the cash into what you use the most.

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