From G2 to G3, do you miss buttons ????

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From G2 to G3, do you miss buttons ????


As a m43 user loosing confidence in the platform i saw a post showing what can be achieved with the panaleica 25 mm and the current generation of sensors. That boosted confidence in the platform since the look from the 25 mm 1.4 is what I am looking for.

Now the G2 newer gave me pleasure to use. It just not a inspiring tool that makes me want to take pictures, even though i have taken a lot of good pics with it using legacy lenses. I have the 20 mm 1.7 but that one does not give me the look i an looking for.

Now I think 2 issues with the g2 has the major part of me not liking it very much. The cam is really not very responsive, slow focus lock especially with the 20 mm. But in general it does not give me that snappy responsive feel. Its the same lack of speed that made me not like the previous generation of PS cams. The second issue is the limited dynamic range, and unispiring colors. Now the latter is just a minor issue since I am a raw shooter, DR is a bigger issue. High iso performance is poor, not even on par with my very old Nikon D50.

Anyhow I guess the biggest part of the equation are the lenses, and retrospectively it seems that what I should have invested in is the 45 mm 1.8 and the panaleica 1.4.

Anyhow seing what can be done wide open with the panaleica inspired me. I have tried a GH2 in the shop and the quicker AF also gives a much different feel. The GH2 is really what I have been lusting for. Honestly the OM-D would be my dream BUT video is important for me unfortunately, that IBIS seem brilliant alongside those gourgeus jpegs. Anyhow I know the GH3 is coming and so is the G5 but they will propably be expensive not leaving room for bying the panaleica which seems to be a key part for me. So i am now thinking about a used G3 which would give me a recent sensor and much improved AF and and viewfinder. BUT i can see that its much "dummed down" compared to the G2 regarding external controls and I would love to hear frorm former G2 shooters if the lack of external controls have been a problem for you moving to a G3 ?

Also it would be great to hear from users who has moved from G2 to G3 or GH2 ? Did it feel like a more responsive and competent photographic tool ? What about IQ, was the upgrade appararent ?

Best wishes


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