Fuji W3........impressions after 6 months use

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Re: The Fuji 3d W* Line is still far the best 3d camera line ...

Mr.NoFlash wrote:

... and we have to accept that and be happy that fuji made it.
i will keep my 2 fuji 3d cameras.

i could imagine a 3d camera with two DSLR-sensors, but that all is only theory, hot air, what exists is the fuji line.

the fuji line has a 3d display, flash and because of this flash 2 very synchonized electronic shutters, and a natural stereo base

Its base may be natural to the io of a really really large-headed human; there might just be somebody somewhere with an io of 75mm, but this aside, 3D photography cannot really mimic human 3D vision; lenses are usually parallel, eyes converge.

The resultant 3D pictures may be required to be viewed on different screen and or print sizes which will affect to some extent what camera ia distant is best suited. The 30mm ia of the 3D1 is a very good choice for good depth in most circumstances, being suited to distances that are most likely to photographed on average, catering for ( just about ) head and shoulders close-ups, and good depth to around 20 feet or so. Video really needs fairly close shots to maintain interest. 3D video doesn't really lend itself to more distant shots, because if the lens spread is made wider to create depth ( as demonstrated by TV's coverage of Wimbledon for example ) this gives rise to a minaturisation effect where people ( and objects ) look unnaturally small scale. Where lenses ia are kept smaller, a more natural effect is produced on screen, but of course depth perception tapers off.

The Fujifilm W3 produces quite dramatic 3D and entertaining ' 3d photos' for viewing on small 3d screens and on prints, but aside from the poor video quality, its lenses' ia is way too wide for meaningful 3D video. I use my W3 to add some dramatic 3D stills onto my video timeline where I want to capture some slightly exaggerated more distant 3D pictures.

I find the 3D1 to be a really great camcorder for most shots, with exceptional optical stabilisation, and really sharp video and stills, plus very good stereo audio.

Although it produces 1/2 frame sbs video, this is all my i5 laptop can cope with for editing so even if I had a Sony camcorder giving 2 full HD frames I would still have to render the editied video to sbs.

As it is i can render the 3D1 video to Bluray format sbs onto a DVD disc to play on my Bluray player with excellent results.

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