Choice of 85mm lenses?

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Re: Choice of 85mm lenses?

anotherMike wrote:

1a) 85/1.4G
1b) 85/1.8G

Explanation: if you need best F/1.8 and F/2 performance, get the 1.8G. If you shoot mostly closer in, and 2.8 - 8, the 1.4G, if at infinity for landscape usage at F/7.1 or so, the 1.8G. Hence I've rated them closely. You can't go wrong with either

I have seen your assertion that the 85 1.8G is slightly better at distance than the 1.4G a few times, and I am one intrigued little puppy.

Can you give us more as to how you arrived at that? (if anyone else but you had said that I would have dismissed it, but I very much respect your experience - you and Thom Hogan are the only two people I have bookmarked and try to read most posts)

In test chart comparisons (yeah, I know) I can see and agree with your comments about wide open performance, but based on photozone and digital picture etc, the 1.8G would have to improve a hell of a lot at near infinity from test chart range.

Based on my limited few weeks with the 85 1.4G on a D800E, I am wrapping my tiny brain around the thought that something could be any sharper at f4 through f11 at distance. Mine is gobsmacking, and I haven't even put it on a tripod yet.

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