Not many Sonys why ?

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Re: Not many Sonys why ?

I definitely think Sony makes the best crop bodies at the moment by a long shot. I mean the t4i entry level is $1149 with a kit lens. That's $250.00 more than a kick booty A65 with a kit lens and only $200 less an A77 body only. That's an EASY win for Sony there.

The HUGE advantage Canon and Nikon have... at least for me... is the use equipment market. I am a member of photography on the net forums. A Canon forum; you can literally by any number of "L" lens or "EF-S" lens, bodies, flashes, etc. Makes it way easier to sell/buy/trade lens.

That said, I'm $320 dollar away from the $2000 goal of getting an A77. I only need the 70-400L to be sharp and a good long macro and the 2.8 kit lens. BAM!

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