Which would be better for a newbie? D5100 or D3200?

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Re: Which would be better for a newbie? D5100 or D3200?

nickwhite wrote:

Here is a different perspective. The D5100 and D3200 are both excellent cameras, and both have their pluses and minuses. But the D3200 is clearly the "new DSLR user" camera of the two. It has extensive guided modes, and you can press the ? button for every menu option and the guide is practically built into the camera. If I were to buy my mom a DSLR, I'd get her the D3200, not just because it's a newer better camera, but because it's easy to figure out what everything does without looking at a manual.

good point! and if i am a newbie in photography, i wouldn't be bothered with all of these MP talk and DR and HDR and bracketing, not for a while... though, those can be dealt with in the future, for now just get a camera, take photos, enjoy it! don't even bother buying extra lens, just stick with the kit 18-55 first, you can always buy longer lens, like the 55-200 or 55-300 or buy more expensive fancy lens later- just get into it, test the water first.

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