Nikon 135mm f1.8 hopefully Blazing Fast AF? Who plans to buy?

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Re: Alex, +1 on the Min. Focus Distance

I seriously doubt if Nikon does an updated 135 F/2 or F/1.8 or whatever that it will be a super speedy focuser like the 70-200 VR2, which was explicitly designed for AF speed. There are optical compromises when you go for rapid AF (the breathing of the VR2 is the big tradeoff with that zoom, btw - you can't have super fast AF, sharpness, and no breathing at all focal lengths - it's a pick the 2 out of 3 kind of thing, and it's obvious which 2 Nikon went for on the VR2 zoom), and I would actually prefer a very accurate and reasonable focusing 135 (actually, 105 suits me better) with excellent imagequality like the 85/1.4G plus a smidge. I'd be all over such a lens in a heartbeat.

BTW, the VR2 zoom is freaking crazy hell good at 105mm on my D800E. Frankly I'm blown away with that combo, at that focal length, from 5.6 on. Hard to really do any better.


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