When do you make a photo black and white?

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Re: When do you make a photo black and white?

Brea wrote:

When do you do this? I usually do it when the colors in the photo don't work well together... such as a pink outfit in a forest green background... or when the photo is too under or over exposed to recover... reminder I am an amateur. I don't particularly like changing to black and white since it seems like I am taking away from the photo... the colors.

I use LR and what I do is create virtual copies of every photo in a particular shoot and then convert to black and white using a one of a number of presets that I have developed. I then run through these photos quickly to identify which photos strike me as being potential good B&W photos. I then further develop these to a finished state that pleases me. Unfortunately I have not yet seen any particular common denominator on those that lend themselves to B&W. I suspect it is a combination of a number of factors.

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