Not many Sonys why ?

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cyainparadise Veteran Member • Posts: 5,577
"In front of their jeans"?

You mean the guys carry their cameras (I assume with l-o-o-ong lenses) down where their guy thing is? And the women like to stick their camera into a hole? I think there's some thing Freudian going on here.

thubleau7 wrote:

i did a quick survey (VISUAL) at darling harbour yesterday watching the Japanese and Chinese tourists with their cameras.

Suprising what i found most women preferred a camera they can stick in their pocket most men preferred a camera they could stick in the front of their jeans.

As for brands Canon, Nikon and suprisingly for me Olympus ......wondered what the big appeal is with Olympus in Japan.

Further eye probing and I did see an occassional young woman with a big DSLR so I guess they are the enthusiasts who really like photography as for the men well..........still didnt see many Sonys I think I must have the only SLT in Sydney.

Went into a camera store and the attendant pounced on me straight away when seeing I had the A57 to enquire what its like.........must be the only one in Australia.

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