Airline Carry-On Photo Backpack for DSLR & Equipment - Canon 200EG Too Small?

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Re: Airline Carry-On Photo Backpack for DSLR & Equipment - Canon 200EG Too Small?

Here's the thing, don't know what its like over your way but 3 weeks ago a budget airline I've travelled with for years did something they've never done before, they weighed the carry on luggage of all passengers! No bag is to be over 6 kgs and the carry on limit is 10kgs in 2 bags, 7kgs for domestic flights. I suppose it had to come because the time before I had my Lowepro slingshot and computer bag as carry on and while the staff were debating how much to charge me for being 3kgs over on my check in luggage I rested my carry ons on the conveyor. 23kgs! Fortunately for me they didn't notice but alas I think those days are gone. This trip I had my wife with me and she carried on my computer bag. Don't know what the future holds for photographers because they now want to know if you have a computer or anything of value in your check in luggage as well. Will be interested to hear other people's recent experiences with airlines.

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