Is OM-d autofocus accurate?

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Re: Is OM-d autofocus accurate?

Maybe technique has something to do with it. But I use the same technique on the G1X, and it focuses very well.

I figure that for $1300, it should work with same technique I've used on a dozen or more SLR, DSLR, and Mirrorless cameras over the years. Neither my GH1 nor EPL1 had this focus accuracy issue.

George Hsia wrote:
Hi Photo-Wiz,

Photo-Wiz wrote:

I didn't notice this difference when I was taking pictures from closer range (2 to 6 feet). But I do notice it at the 20-30 feet range. Anyone else notice this, or is it just an anomally with my OM-d sample?

Yes. I find this particularly when I shoot wide open on my 25/1.4 and 45/1.8. Stopped down to f/2.8 the dof is usually such that what I want in focus is in focus but wide open I get more variance. It's that weird in-between distance that isn't infinity but not quite close enough to get accurate focus. The issue is really the size of the focus point. I have tried the manual focus trick and it works better but I wish it was using the larger around it to get general focus. I also get missed focus on surfaces that are at an angle. For example when I'm shooing a side portrait I can never get the eye just right unless I use the small AF point and even then it sometimes hunts.

My best experience has been and continues to be the E-1 and 14-54mm.... That was dead on all the time. A little slow but always accurate. With the right practice you can get a decent hit rate. Just have to be careful.


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