LR4 still inadequate since doesn't have Levels Tool

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Re: The problem is....

ranalli wrote:

Bob Meyer wrote:

...that because YOU don't see the advantages LR has over photoshop (which go well beyond the cataloging features), you assume that everyone else should reach the same conclusion. There are a great many people, not just the beginners you believe to be intimidated by PS, who find LR a more compelling and useful tool for photographic processing.

I wouldn't call myself an expert in PS, but I've been using it since before it got the CS nomenclature (Photoshop 5 ( not CS5) or 7, I think, was my first purchase). For the vast majority of the kind of editing I do, LR is cleaner, faster, simpler, and simply easier to work with. It gives me the results I need and want more rapidly than does PS. Exactly why should I choose PS instead?

If you prefer PS, that's certainly your prerogative. But don't assume that anyone who doesn't share your preference is somehow less capable, or unable to understand PS. That's simply insulting, and says more about ego than knowledge or skill.

I've told myself to stop using "equivalent" focal lengths on m43. 25mm is what it is, and what it might be similar to on some other format doesn't matter to me any more. We need to learn what to expect from our current equipment, not keep mapping it to the old. No one refers to their 50mm FF lens as "equivalent to 80mm on MF."

I use them both and am happy with both. However, it's pretty clear to me from a marketing standpoint who Adobe is aiming LightRoom towards. Yes there are pros that use Lightroom...a lot of pros in fact.

However, to say that many additional people beyond pros have not picked up Lightroom over Photoshop because it is less complicated is patently false...can't fathom why you're offended and / or insulted about that. Just because YOU yourself are not that person doesn't mean I'm telling you that you are or that Lightroom wasn't designed and marketed with that purpose in mind. Look at how many people use Lightroom over Aperture now for MAC; that's a slam dunk victory for Adobe that wouldn't have happened had they only stuck with Photoshop as their main product.

So you think that LR is being targetted by Adobe for those that find Photoshop too intimidating. Well you are entitled to have that opinion of course and I am entitled to my opinion that this is complete nonesense.

Many LR users (including myself) migrated from PS because they realised that LR was better suited to their requirements and was a more appropriate tool. Also if you read the LR forum you will find that many LR users also use PS from time to time in their LR workflow.

LR is significantly more appropriate to everyday photographers than PS. It has nothing to do with some people finding PS intimidating. It is all about having the right tool for the job.

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