Should I sell my Nikon D700 for RX100?

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Re: I sold 30 cameras and lenses for Sony RX100

photo perzon wrote:
D700 with 105mm 2.8 VR Nikon Lens - too heavy could barely hold it 1 minute

D7000 with Sigma 50-150, Nikons lenses: 70-300, 18-55, 50mm, 35mm, 18-135mm, 55-200mm not using them
D5100 Nikon not using it with 300mm F4
m4/3 E-M5 not using it to go out, too large (18 ounces)
its lenses 14mm, 20mm, 25mm, 45mm, 14-42mm, 45-150mm, 75-300mm
Sony TX7 (RX100 is better IQ)
Nikon P6000 (RX100 faster, better IQ)
Oly XZ-1 (twice the weight)
m4/3 E-PL3 (3 times the weight with lens)
Canon SD770
Fuji X10, X100 (love to hate that camera will not focus!)
Nikon X10 zoom P&S
Pana x12 zoom P&S
Leica X1 which I changed to X2
Leica X2 cause forums mention it once a week its like its dead plus 260K screen
oldies but goodies: Fuji F30, 31FD, Pana x20 zooms, Oly 330 with 2 lenses

several others I can't remember

After 80,000 pictures taken I found that portability (7.5 ounces for the RX100) mixed with great IQ is the key. Many larger cameras do the job but need a purse. It's not even carrying it or looking nerdy that bothered me. It is that at dinners and parties the camera purse ends up on the floor with people stepping on it and spilling drinks on it. So I have to mind it all night. Drinks, theft, stepping on it are concerns.

Of course if I were a photographer I'd get the biggest monster possible to look like I'm worth $ 5000 for an evening wedding. Easy money ha ha.

But I am an unpaid social shooter like 95% of you. Professional pictures of the grand canyon are already in the gift shop on the best light day in 20 years with a 10 pound camera. It is pictures of people that matter. And I got tired of leaving "the good camera" at home and carrying a light 7 ouncer. Now the RX100 is light and competent.

Oh and I got $ 10,000 for my cameras on eBay. Now my wife is gonna spend it and she will love me for at least two months! I know how to keep my wife happy! Just buy her!

NeilJones wrote:

Can I finally get rid of this heavy beast and all the lenses for the small compact RX100.

Thoughts on this please?
Shoot like it's your last day..

It was inspired by a true story.

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