5 years and 30 cameras later, 80,000 pictures and the Sony RX100

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I can see that - these days I shoot with little Olympus Pen

yes, in a way I agree with you, in good light and average scene even the lower end camera will do a great job , I noticed it when comparing photos from my little Olympus SP 350 to my Nikon D 80 [ Sigma 18 - 200 or Tokina 12 - 24].To my big surprise when I view them on my imac monitor both look pretty good and I really couldn't tell which is which but I can because each lense gives me slightly different colours.By the way the Sigma is very sharp but bit too cool , that can of course be adjusted in the PP. There are situations where I definitely will enjoy my wide lens and than when it comes to zoom over 10X I find the need to shoot DSLR. The high zoom on p & s camera definitely comes out as a p & s product. Anything over 10x on little p & s I call " Greek Salad" but some guys don't mind and that's fine with me.
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